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Time for technology to serve nature!


With this stormy mountain landscape, Sasha Sparks asks the philosophical question as to whether we should use technology to serve nature or the reverse? A Faraday cage focuses on the tension between the blossoming Sakura tree and the dark menace of lightning strikes. At the same time, there is no trace of the human beings or civilisation that created the cage.

Numerous synthetic and natural elements create a symbolic picture – a living organism inside the cage struck by lightning. It is a blooming Sakura tree, which exemplifies nature in the dull and dark scenery. The tree with its falling pink blossom looks fragile even though the cage is supposed to protect it from threats and trespassers. This construction acts as a Faraday cage, a protective enclosure that keeps the Sakura tree safe when lightning strikes.

This work raises many controversial questions. Is this happening on a desolate mountain on Earth, or on another planet? Is this reality today or in future? Why are there no other living organisms around? Where are the people? Is there a positive role for technology in nature?

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