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The scene opens with a vintage copy of Marcel Proust's book " In Search Of Lost Time" lying on an old stained-green leather table. A strong draft lifts the faded brown cover, followed by an elaborate red-gold flyleaf inner page before turning over some crackling yellow pages. The very fabric of this edition of Proust's work gives an idea of the classics and time eternal. All of a sudden, we see that one of literature's most significant works turns out to be nothing more than a hiding place. A cheap modern booklet, a paradox; " 2020 Apocalypse for beginners”, is revealed. Proust’s book draws on the fact that time often goes extremely slowly, especially while reading such a masterpiece. Conversely, one can flick through the booklet in a blink of a second and call for action immediately. The 2020 global covid pandemic has taught us to value time more and enjoy the brightest moments before they fade away. The opposition of these two books symbolises the need for the individual to act decisively to secure the future. A conception of memories of the future was born in the current work. The last frames end with a lollipop flipped on its side, showing the author's dark humour that it's almost too late! This work using two contrasting books depicts the duality of time.

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