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The girl's portrait is the dominant image, at least on the surface. Not a classic beauty, she is cross-eyed with eyes pointing in all directions. Enter the duality of the fly.......  with a mischievous spirit........who is genuinely puzzled by the girl's eyes and appears to start playing around to solve the mystery.  The fly slowly becomes the master who skilfully orchestrates the situation flying from one side of the girl’s face to another. The fly solves the puzzle by finding the perfect position to make the girl's eyes symmetrical. The face is now classically beautiful.

This work raises the general philosophical question about what is considered beautiful nowadays. 

Is it perfection?

Is it symmetry?

How can everything change in literally " a blink of an eye?! "

Is the girl less attractive now that she has classical beauty?


This work summarises the absurdity of the modern beauty industry.

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